What to Look For in a Cheap Mobile Phone

Cheap mobile phones may be ideal for anyone in search of a smartphone but cannot afford the latest flagship models. Many affordable Android devices can compete with mid-range and premium devices and some even feature top-of-the-line camera setups.

Search out deals during shopping events such as Black Friday. Major carriers usually offer buy-one-get-one discounts or may throw in free accessories.


As you’ll likely spend considerable time staring at your mobile phone’s display, its quality should be of paramount concern. Pixel density and screen resolution play an integral role in determining how crisp its display is; higher numbers indicate sharper images.

Samsung’s budget 5G phone boasts an excellent screen, powerful cameras, and an admirable processor – not without some minor downsides, including plastic back flexure issues (purchase a case if necessary) and no headphone jack – but these issues are mitigated by outstanding battery life, 120Hz refresh rate refresh rate refresh rates, as well as the included stylus pen – something rarely found among budget phones!


Under-$200 smartphones are becoming ever more functional, boasting impressive cameras in some models such as Samsung’s Galaxy A14 5G with its attractive screen and functional camera system that excels in most situations.

Though its main camera performance may be subpar compared to flagship phones with quad camera arrays and superzoom lenses, its 5,000mAh battery promises two days worth of use without charging. Plus Samsung promises two years of updates making this an excellent budget option.

This smartphone was made for travellers, documenters and adventurers. Equipped with an advanced camera capable of shooting in low light environments and featuring Night Sight, Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur functionality – it is built for exploration.


A processor is at the heart of any mobile phone, powering applications and processing data. For optimal operation, RAM should be available to temporarily store information before quickly retrieving it when necessary.

Cheap Android phones continue to improve rapidly, offering impressive performance and camera quality at an accessible price point. When selecting one of these handsets, however, make a decision between near-stock Android (like Google’s Pixel phones) or one with heavier skin ( like Moto G phones) as well as how long updates take to arrive.

Under PS250/$250 phones can now rival the performance and features of flagship smartphones due to advances in display technology, 5G support and more powerful processors. Even though their builds may be plastic with limited storage capabilities, these devices are still capable of meeting everyday tasks and playing demanding games without issue.


One of the greatest sacrifices when selecting an affordable mobile phone is storage capacity. These devices typically do not offer as much as their flagship counterparts; however, there should still be enough room to hold all your media and apps.

Many cheap phones now include 5G support, giving users access to faster data speeds as new networks launch. Samsung’s Galaxy A03S offers premium looks and feel while adding 5G and fingerprint recognition – perfect for taking advantage of faster data speeds in future networks!

It offers an impressive processor and plenty of memory for seamless multitasking, but may become quickly filled up due to limited internal storage of 32GB. If this becomes an issue for you, consider cloud services like Nextcloud or purchasing an affordable NAS to back up all your media files.


No need to go broke when looking for a reliable smartphone with an outstanding screen, powerful processor and impressive battery life. While budget smartphones may have once been limited by plastic construction and subpar cameras, newer models now outshine similar phones twice their cost in performance and usability.

An affordable phone should boast a fast-charging battery with sufficient capacity, an audio jack and support for wireless reverse charging; multitask without breaking the bank; and offer an intuitive user interface with customizable settings.

Keep in mind that lithium batteries perform best at room temperature. Exposure to higher temperatures will decrease their effectiveness, so try not to leave your phone exposed directly sunlight or in an extremely warm car.

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