The Dangers of Excessive Mobile Phone Use

The Mobile Phone is an extremely useful piece of technology, but what are the risks of using it excessively? While a high frequency of use of a smartphone is functional for some people – such as for school – excessive smartphone use can be harmful to your health. You should avoid the following dangers and use your mobile phone only when it is absolutely necessary. Below, we’ll explain how to make the best decision when choosing a Mobile Phone.

The use of a Mobile Phone can be addictive. There are several ways to gauge the extent of dependence, addiction, and pleasurable aspects of smartphone use. The key is to use standardized scales that measure these behaviors and correlate them to clinical symptoms of addiction. While these scales are not ideal for diagnosing addiction or problematic use, they can help you decide how much of a problem your use of a Mobile Phone is. If you’ve spent more than two hours with your mobile phone a day, you may be addicted.

An over-abundance of self-report scales has been developed to assess the problems associated with problematic smartphone use. These self-report scales generally lack internal consistency, test-retest reliability, and theoretical foundations. Therefore, future research must focus on the development of more valid, reliable assessment tools to assess the extent of problematic smartphone use. The resulting research can provide useful insight into the risks and benefits of using a mobile phone.

The DSM-5 also includes a new disorder – Internet gaming. Internet gaming is a type of addictive behavior that involves the use of an internet device. The DSM 5 recommends four symptoms, including tolerance, loss of control, and preoccupation. Gambling addiction can be accompanied by other symptoms such as social or occupational dysfunction. Additionally, the symptoms should not be accompanied by “chasing” losses. However, the proposed criteria for Internet gaming disorder resemble those used for substance use disorders.

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