Until the late 1980s, mobile phones were only available to the rich and famous. But the industry began to consolidate, and small local areas were no longer able to compete. As a result, the industry was forced to adapt to competition and lower prices. By the turn of the millennium,Continue Reading

A Mobile Phone is an electronic device that can run multiple applications simultaneously. Most mobile phones have a digital camera and video capability. However, these devices are very fragile and they require the use of protective screen protectors and cases to protect the phone. Smartphones also use an operating systemContinue Reading

What is a mobile phone? Is it really a phone? Is it a wireless device or just a simple electronic device? This article attempts to define the term and clarify the confusion surrounding this ever-evolving technological innovation. Mobile phone – also known as mobile phone – is a handheld mobileContinue Reading

A mobile phone, mobile or telephone, sometimes shortened to just mobile phone or cell phone and sometimes called by other names, is a small portable phone that will make and receive telephone calls on a radio frequency line while the user is traveling within a phone service area. In someContinue Reading