Mobile Phone Amplifiers

A mobile phone, mobile or hand phone, occasionally shortened to just mobile, phone or hand, and sometimes also called by other names (hand phone), handset, or even cell phone is a portable phone that can receive and make calls on a public switched telephone network while the user is traveling within a public telephone service territory. A mobile phone usually has an internal memory that stores all the incoming and outgoing calls. There is an external unit, which is also known as a modem which connects the internal memory of the mobile phone to the outside world through a modem cable. Some of them also have a SIM card in which the owner has to insert to enable telephone communications. The other features in a mobile phone include camera with sound recording, WAP (Wide Area Network) internet access, MMS (Mobile Message Service), USB (Universal Serial Bus) device with storage, video recorder, Bluetooth, and wireless operation. There are other additional features that are used by some mobile phones that are not present in the common handsets.

Most of the modern mobile phones come with built-in AM/FM radio, CD player, and generally have a speaker and a subwoofer for music listening. Then there are the battery and the charger. In most cases, the main operating principle of a mobile phone is that it utilizes the standard of power which is provided by the cellular network. It draws power from the cellular system itself. Thus, power consumption is one of the prime criteria which determine the price and the brand.

The power consumption is controlled via the microprocessor which monitors all the activities which help in managing the power consumption of the mobile phone. The power management includes various control algorithms which help in controlling the operation of the touch screen, mobile telephone, modem, microprocessor, and the various amplifier cards that are installed in the mobile telephone or the hand held cellular systems. All the processes related to power management are performed through these chips. The data conversion and the transfer of the data from the remote server and from the computer to the subscriber units and the hand held cellular systems are done through this central processing unit (CPU). Data processing is an important process to handle large volumes of data coming into the subscriber units.

The microprocessor controls the operation of all the processes such as the data logging, data downloading, and the data transmitting as well as it controls the power supply to the different units like the base stations and the antenna cells. The best performing cell phones do not need high amps because they run on the average of just 10 watts per watt. Thus the demand for the better performing mobile phones have declined over the years.

The AMP system offered by the makers of popular cell phones is not much different from the systems offered by other manufacturers. These devices are designed to access the data coming from the satellite units and from the terrestrial base units and it transmits that data to the hand held cellular devices through the frequency. The amount of power used by these handsets is very low and the power they consume is just enough to keep the device on if it is switched off. The AMP system used by the wireless phone manufacturers is based on the communications technologies used in the computer industry. These handsets come with chips and the whole system is controlled by the microprocessor chip.

The benefits of using the AMP system is mainly that the power consumed by the subscriber units is less than the consumption of the AMPS system and the AMP system can easily be transferred from one base station to another and this makes the whole process very easy. The location of a person inside a geographical area is known and the mobile phones are able to locate that person. The geographical area can be narrowed down to just a small geographic area, which is not possible using the AMPS system.

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