All You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Today, many are realizing the importance of sustainable energy. Solar energy is one of the options that homeowners can conveniently access. As many strive to make the world cleaner and greener for future generations to come, consuming solar energy serves to be a great option for such purposes. Plus, having a solar panel roof today is very much more affordable than in the past years. The low solar panel cost makes it even more accessible for many property owners everywhere.

To make sure that your solar panel system works fine for decades, you should remember that you should also exert some effort in cleaning the panels. This is an essential part of maintaining its efficiency and solar energy generation.

Why is cleaning your solar panels necessary?

The photovoltaic (PV) system is the power system that converts sunlight into electricity. It captures the solar energy and then transforms it into the electricity that will run the house. Your solar panels are placed outside your home, mostly on the rooftop or on the ground where they can get the most sunlight. Naturally, the panel rooftop will collect dirt, dust, and debris. When this happens, the PV system’s efficiency in collecting solar energy will be affected. Thus, it is important to perform proper solar panel cleaning to prevent the system from failing due to lack or improper cleaning.

When do I clean the solar panels?

Before you think twice about getting a solar panel installation service because of the effort that you need to exert to clean your panels, take a step back and hear us out. You only need to do this very essential step once a year. Also, it is better to do it at night to avoid touching the warm solar panel roof during the day. You can also do some cleaning after heavy rain just to remove the dirt carried by winds.

If your solar company conducts annual inspections, take advantage of this time to be updated on the conditions of your panels and to learn more about how you can keep them properly maintained and working well for the years to come.

How do I clean the solar panels?

The materials you need in cleaning your solar panel system are dish soap, squeegee, soft cloth, and warm water. Mix the dish soap with warm water. Soak the soft cloth in the mixture and clean the panels gently. After cleaning a certain part, squeeze the said cloth into the squeegee to remove the dirty water. Repeat the process until you finish cleaning all the panels.  

Solar companies Orlando may offer to do the job for you but since it is very easy, you can do it yourself and surely do a great job. This also makes you a responsible and well-informed solar panel owner, taking care of your investment. As you go solar and you go green, it is best to maintain this spirit burning and be a good example to your neighbors. Who knows, they might also get a solar panel installation soon!

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