The JioGlass is a device that offers a new way of how users communicate. It has many features that will allow the user to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences in many forms. This device will be in tandem with the personal computer in order to provide the user theContinue Reading

Many people get confused between Forked Android and the original Android. Well, there are some differences between the two. Before we go into the technical differences of the two, it is important to understand what Android is. Android is a software application that runs on your mobile phone, tablet, orContinue Reading

In fact, businesses of all types are flocking to WhatsApp to sell their products and services to millions of business users in the U.S. And in terms of revenue, it’s no longer difficult to get customers on WhatsApp. Here are some ways you can begin making money with WhatsApp. Marketing:Continue Reading

Mobile Chipsets is small software and hardware programs that are designed to allow mobile devices such as cell phones and PDA’s to communicate with each other. This is done through the use of a low-level communication protocol. These chipsets provide the components necessary for transferring data. In addition, they enableContinue Reading

Blog Writing is a fast and easy way to make money online. In fact, with the right blog design, anyone can sell products and services online with relative ease. Even if you don’t sell products, blogging is an excellent way to generate sales leads for your business or to helpContinue Reading